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This platform is in early development and the coverage it restricted to Brazil. Please visit the about page to know more.

Featured Datasets

Datasets with more than 20 features, in descending order of required tag coverage.


DatasetFeatures CountTag coverage
Bicycle Rentals in Recife, PE68 features, 100% coverage
Bicycle Rentals in Fortaleza, CE207 features, 99.2% coverage
Bicycle Rentals in Porto Alegre, RS53 features, 98.7% coverage
Bicycle Rentals in Salvador, BA54 features, 97.5% coverage
Bicycle Rentals in São Paulo, SP417 features, 95.0% coverage
Bicycle Rentals in Brasília, DF36 features, 94.4% coverage
Bicycle Shops in Porto Alegre, RS64 features, 85% coverage
Bicycle Parking in Porto Alegre, RS410 features, 83.6% coverage
Bicycle Rentals in Rio de Janeiro, RJ286 features, 81.4% coverage
Bicycle Shops in Campo Grande, MS116 features, 81.0% coverage


DatasetFeatures CountTag coverage
Clinics in Londrina, PR62 features, 85.5% coverage
Clinics in Rio das Ostras, RJ21 features, 79.0% coverage
Clinics in Taubaté, SP21 features, 78.1% coverage
Clinics in São Bernardo do Campo, SP77 features, 77.1% coverage
Clinics in Joinville, SC90 features, 76.9% coverage
Clinics in São José do Rio Preto, SP64 features, 74.1% coverage
Clinics in Mogi das Cruzes, SP49 features, 73.9% coverage
Clinics in Guarulhos, SP46 features, 71.3% coverage
Dentists in São Bernardo do Campo, SP34 features, 71.2% coverage
Clinics in Jaraguá do Sul, SC63 features, 71.1% coverage


DatasetFeatures CountTag coverage
Social Facilities in Joinville, SC60 features, 66.7% coverage
Social Facilities in São Bernardo do Campo, SP21 features, 61.0% coverage
Social Facilities in Curitiba, PR64 features, 54.7% coverage
Social Facilities in Blumenau, SC30 features, 53.3% coverage
Social Facilities in Porto Alegre, RS62 features, 50% coverage
Community Centres in Joinville, SC29 features, 46.2% coverage
Social Facilities in São Paulo, SP83 features, 45.8% coverage
Community Centres in Rio de Janeiro, RJ119 features, 43.9% coverage
Social Facilities in Santa Maria, RS27 features, 43.0% coverage
Community Centres in Fortaleza, CE22 features, 42.7% coverage


DatasetFeatures CountTag coverage
Kindergartens in Joinville, SC98 features, 81.4% coverage
Schools in Suzano, SP77 features, 77.9% coverage
Kindergartens in Itapecerica da Serra, SP28 features, 77.9% coverage
Kindergartens in Cajamar, SP24 features, 77.5% coverage
Kindergartens in Taubaté, SP26 features, 76.2% coverage
Schools in Itaquaquecetuba, SP37 features, 74.6% coverage
Schools in Vargem Grande Paulista, SP33 features, 74.5% coverage
Schools in Taubaté, SP127 features, 74.0% coverage
Kindergartens in São Bernardo do Campo, SP98 features, 73.5% coverage
Schools in Francisco Morato, SP34 features, 72.9% coverage


DatasetFeatures CountTag coverage
Arts Centres in Porto Alegre, RS58 features, 60.7% coverage
Heritage in Rio de Janeiro, RJ94 features, 51.1% coverage
Arts Centres in São Paulo, SP93 features, 50.3% coverage
Heritage in Blumenau, SC23 features, 44.9% coverage
Heritage in Itu, SP197 features, 40.6% coverage
Arts Centres in Fortaleza, CE40 features, 40.5% coverage
Arts Centres in Rio de Janeiro, RJ64 features, 40.3% coverage
Cinemas in São Paulo, SP30 features, 36% coverage
Memorials in Porto Alegre, RS53 features, 34.0% coverage
Monuments in Amparo, SP22 features, 33.3% coverage


DatasetFeatures CountTag coverage
Government Offices in Caucaia, CE25 features, 86.4% coverage
Government Offices in Joinville, SC82 features, 83.7% coverage
Government Offices in Teixeira de Freitas, BA23 features, 72.2% coverage
Government Offices in Campos dos Goytacazes, RJ30 features, 70.7% coverage
Government Offices in São José do Rio Preto, SP26 features, 69.2% coverage
Government Offices in São Mateus, ES22 features, 67.3% coverage
Government Offices in São Bernardo do Campo, SP43 features, 66.0% coverage
Government Offices in São José dos Pinhais, PR31 features, 61.3% coverage
Government Offices in Laranjal Paulista, SP41 features, 55.6% coverage
Government Offices in Itapetininga, SP44 features, 55.5% coverage


DatasetFeatures CountTag coverage
Hotels in Fernando de Noronha, PE107 features, 85.5% coverage
Hotels in São Sebastião, SP44 features, 84.7% coverage
Hotels in Belém, PA31 features, 79.0% coverage
Hotels in Chapecó, SC26 features, 76.0% coverage
Hotels in Fortaleza, CE112 features, 75.9% coverage
Hotels in Domingos Martins, ES40 features, 73.8% coverage
Hotels in Joinville, SC30 features, 72.5% coverage
Hotels in Aparecida, SP32 features, 71.9% coverage
Hotels in Macapá, AP37 features, 70.9% coverage
Hotels in Blumenau, SC31 features, 68.5% coverage